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The SFWC is a not-for-profit writers support group, organized to provide educational, networking, and marketing support for individuals interested in learning the craft and business of fiction writing.

Writing can be an art, but it is also a craft. Like any craft, its principles can be learned and applied. To write well, writers must study the craft and practice it. During medieval times, members of craft guilds, such as the masons, were sworn to secrecy about their craft. The secrets were known as mysteries.

The craft of writing is no longer secret but it is still hard to master. Thousands of books have been published to help writers. The amount of information can be overwhelming. To improve, writers need to read and talk about their craft. They must read extensively with an eye to how writers accomplish their effects. The purpose of this website is to help writers, both new and experienced, to understand the elements of the writer’s craft.

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