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Writer's Digest University: Everything You Need to Write and Sell Your Work
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Everything You need to Write and Sell Your Work

This is the ultimate crash course in writing and publishing! Inside you'll find comprehensive instruction, up-to-date market listings, a CD featuring recorded live webinars with industry professionals, an all-access pass to WritersMarket.com, and more. Writer's Digest University is the perfect resource for you, no matter your experience level.

This one-stop resource contains:

  • Quick and comprehensive answers to common questions including: "How do I write a successful novel?" and "How do I know if self-publishing is right for me?"
  • Instruction and examples for formatting and submitting fiction, nonfiction, articles, children's writing, scripts, and verse.
  • Advanced instruction on business-related issues like marketing and publicity, using social media, freelancing for corporations, keeping finances in order, and setting the right price for your work.
  • A detailed look at what agents want and how to get one that best fits your needs.
  • Market listings for publishers and agents open to unsolicited work and new writers, contests and awards, and conferences and workshops.
  • A CD with recordings of 4 popular WD webinars: How Do I Get My Book Published?, How to Land a Literary Agent, How Writers Can Succeed in the Future of Digital Publishing, and Freelance Basics.
  • A scratch-off code that gives you a one-year subscription to WritersMarket.com and a 20% discount on the Writer'sDigestUniversity.com course of your choice.

Get started now with everything you need to build a thriving writing career. Whether you're starting from scratch or have a bit of experience, you'll find the tools you need for success.


Writer's Digest University: Everything You Need to Write and Sell Your Work


Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Bookworm2 on January 3, 2014
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase


This is a solid reference for learning about writing and the business side of writing. There's lots of good articles and advice on how to get published or set-up a freelance business. It's better for beginners or any amateur writer who wants to take their craft to the next level, selling and publishing content (articles, short stories, books, novel, etc.). You'll find out what the average word count, what's too long or too short for most publishers, research, writing for children, how to write a query letter, formatting your manuscript, and much more. I'd imagine that professional writers have this info under their belt, but it's good for brushing up.


Writer's Digest University: Everything You Need to Write and Sell Your Work



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