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13.07.2011 13:50    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Romance  Creative Writing  Writing Tips      Tags: definition  romance genres  
A romance is a love story that focusing on a changing relationship between two central characters, normally a man and a woman.
05.07.2011 19:30    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Creative Writing  Fiction Writing  Writing Craft  Writing Narrative  Writing Tips      Tags: narrative voice  crawford kilian  
Someone in your story has to tell us that Jeff pulled out his gun, that Samantha smiled at the tall stranger, that daylight was breaking over the valley.
21.06.2011 14:23    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Creative Writing  Writing Craft  Writing Theme  Writing Tips  Writing Premise      Tags: theme  premise  joann ross  
Often, when you ask a writer what her story is about, she'll launch into a lengthy narrative giving detail about the characters' back stories, what's happening when the book opens...
21.06.2011 13:59    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Creative Writing  Writing  Writing Characters  Writing Craft  Writing Theme  Writing Tips      Tags: theme  character  
As writers we've had the concept of "theme" pounded into our heads. "What's your story about?" Every story needs a theme: a single word that tells us the core of the story--or, what it's about.
20.06.2011 19:17    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Writing  Writing Craft  Writing Tips  Creative Writing      Tags: commercial fiction  literary fiction  louisa burton  patricia ryan  
If you've ever taught creative writing, or even just sat around with your pals chatting about books, two questions inevitably arise.
20.06.2011 19:02    Comments: 0    Categories: Creative Writing  Fiction Writing  Writing Craft  Writing Tips      Tags: literary fiction  magdalena ball  
What is literary fiction? What differentiates literary fiction from what most publishers class as commercial or genre oriented fiction, and why am I biased towards it?
07.06.2011 13:28    Comments: 0    Categories: Plotting  Writing Plot  Creative Writing  Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Writing Description  Writing Tips  Screenwriting      Tags: narrative  structure  narrative structure  james bonnet  
All great stories have the same underlying, universal structure - namely, there is a threat, either agent or perpetrator, that creates a problem that brings about a change...
07.06.2011 00:17    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Writing  Creative Writing  Writing Tips  Writing Craft      Tags: how to tell a story  mark twain  
I do not claim that I can tell a story as it ought to be told. I only claim to know how a story ought to be told, for I have been almost daily in the company of the most expert story-tellers...
06.06.2011 00:38    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Writing  Fiction Elements  Creative Writing  Plotting  Writing Plot  Writing Craft  Writing Tips      Tags: what can go into a plot  
We all tackle plotting differently. How you plot will be individual to you, as it is with every writer.
06.06.2011 00:16    Comments: 0    Categories: Creative Writing  Plotting  Writing Plot  Writing Craft  Writing Tips  Screenwriting      Tags: screenwriting  inciting incident  plot point  m.d tabish faraz  
The Inciting Incident and Plot Point I: Understand the Difference. As many of you know, a screenplay is broadly divided into three acts:
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