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05.06.2011 18:29    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Writing Characters  Writing Craft  Writing Tips      Tags: character development  deborah owen  
When I first started writing, I let the characters develop themselves. It was quite interesting to see the twists and turns they created in their own lives, but I lost control of them.
03.06.2011 19:14    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Creative Writing  Writing Conflict  Writing Craft      Tags: conflict  basic principles of writing  lajos egri  
Even people who know little about the mechanics of writing are bored by a static play, a play which has little conflict or spotty conflict.
03.06.2011 19:04    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Writing Setting  Writing Craft      Tags: society building  developing backgrounds  lee killough  
Most writers recognize the necessity of good worldbuilding in fantasy and science fiction. They understand they need to learn the geography...
03.06.2011 18:41    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Conflict  Fiction Writing  Fiction Elements  Writing Craft      Tags: conflict makes the story  conflic  story  cheryl st. john  
No matter what writing topic I'm asked to address, I hang the most importance on characters. Conflict is drawn from characters. It's based on their goals, their backstory and their motivation.
03.06.2011 18:09    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Plotting  Writing Plot  Writing Craft      Tags: elements of plot  plot  plotting  
Exposition, Foreshadowing, Inciting Incident, Conflict, Rising Action, Crisis, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution
03.06.2011 17:39    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Writing  Fiction Elements  Writing Craft  Writing Plot      Tags: plotting  plotting your novel  stella cameron  
We're choking on acronyms. We're knee deep in initials. We all have our particular set, maybe several sets, and I'm not talking about...
01.06.2011 03:04    Comments: 0    Categories: Creative Writing  Fiction Elements  Writing Tips  Fiction Writing      Tags: anatomy of a story  george singleton  
If you compare a novel or short story to the human body—or to the body of any mammal—then you need a spleen (for clean sentences)...
01.06.2011 02:56    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Scenes  Writing Love Scenes  Fiction Elements      Tags: how to write a love scene  g.d. baum  
The most critical lesson in writing a love scene is that it is similar to making love in the real world: when done well, it is messy, chaotic and somewhat animalistic.
01.06.2011 02:38    Comments: 0    Categories: Creative Writing  Fiction Writing  Writing Craft  Writing Tips  Fiction Elements      Tags: the book doctor series  creative writing  stephen p. byers  
The Book Doctor Series 104 Articles on Creative Writing
30.05.2011 00:49    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Setting  Rob Parnell  Fiction Elements  Writing Craft  Fiction Writing      Tags: where to set your stories for best effect  setting  
When it comes to writing fiction, there are numerous advantages to creating a make-believe setting - whether it be a house, a street, a town or even a whole country.
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