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28.04.2013 11:49    Comments: 0    Categories: Creative Writing      Tags: g. m. atwater  western  slang  phrases  a writer's guide  old west  
Part of the charm and character of the Old West, as viewed through our modern eyes, has always been the colorful speech of those days.
17.03.2013 12:32    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Story      Tags: richard a mccullough  story  length  guidelines  
This is one of those elements of fiction that confuses writers (particularly new ones). But you will notice these are simply different "formats" for the same thing: a story.
23.02.2013 12:24    Comments: 0    Categories: Novel Writing      Tags: trisha bartle  planner's  guide  novel writing  outlining  
Do you want to write a novel? While it may seem like something special, many people feel the same way.
11.12.2012 01:39    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Plot  Structure  Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Writing  Writing Craft      Tags: h. thomas milhorn  plot  story  structure  genre  fiction  guide  craft  
PLOT is the sequence of events in a story as the author chooses to arrange them. It is a chain of events, each event the result of some prior events and the cause of some subsequent events.
11.12.2012 01:35    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Setting  Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Writing  Writing Craft      Tags: h. thomas milhorn  setting  genre  fiction  guide  craft  
The setting of a novel is the background on which the writer builds the plot and characters. It involves the entire environment: (1) time, (2) place, (3) experience, and (4) mood.
11.12.2012 01:29    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Characters  Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Writing  Writing Craft      Tags: h. thomas milhorn  characters  genre  fiction  guide  craft  
Characterization is the creation of imaginary people (characters) who appear to be real and believable to readers.
11.12.2012 01:26    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Point Of View  Fiction Writing  Writing  Fiction Elements  Writing Craft      Tags: h. thomas milhorn  point of view  genre  fiction  guide  craft  
The point of view of a novel is the perspective from which the reader is allowed to view the action and the characters.
11.12.2012 00:50    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Writing  Writing  Writing Craft      Tags: h. thomas milhorn  prose  genre  fiction  guide  craft  
Prose is ordinary written languageā€”the language of fiction. It comes in several forms, among them (1) narrative, (2) description, and (3) dialogue.
11.12.2012 00:42    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Theme  Fiction Writing  Writing  Writing Craft      Tags: h. thomas milhorn  theme  subject  genre  fiction  guide  craft  
A THEME is the understanding that the author seeks to communicate through his work. It is the central and unifying idea about which the story is structured.
10.12.2012 15:11    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Writing  Writing  Writing Craft      Tags: h. thomas milhorn  body language  genre  fiction  guide  craft  
The following is a table of body language for various emotions. Think of ways you can use some of them in combinations with dialogue and narrative.
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