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06.02.2015 14:25    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Quotations      Tags: elinor glyn  supernatural story  horror story  
The Supernatural, or Horror Story. In constructing a story of the supernatural, a device is involved which, if it be not taken into account, will leave the author's "ghost" story lusterless.
05.02.2015 00:06    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Horror      Tags: horror writer  horror writing  edo van belkom  
Whenever I give a talk on the craft of writing (whether the talk is on horror writing, fantasy writing, short story writing, or just plain creative writing) I always begin with a question.
19.03.2013 01:39    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Horror      Tags: rita marie keller  horror  dark moment  creating  dark threat  
In horror fiction, there is always a dark threat, something that goes bump in the night, or whatever else you choose to call what your main character is afraid of.
11.03.2013 05:46    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Horror      Tags: david taylor  how to  write  horror  novel  seeds of horror  
It all began thousands of years ago in some dark and smoky cave with a tale-teller chanting to his awe-struck tribe huddled around a sputtering fire.
11.03.2013 05:40    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Horror      Tags: david taylor  how to  write  horror  novel  readers  want  
The question is simple: How to write awe-inspiring stories that leave readers panting and our bank accounts swelling.
11.03.2013 05:31    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Horror      Tags: david taylor  how to  write  horror  readers  don't want  
An important part of writing successfully in any genre is learning what not to do. Unfortunately, the path to publication is not straight and narrow, nor without blind alleys and sloughs of despair.
11.03.2013 05:24    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Horror      Tags: david taylor  how to  write  horror  novel  checklist  
Like any literary form, the horror novel has its conventions-ones which the apprentice learns, the professional masters and the greats soar beyond as they shatter the boundaries of genre ...
10.03.2013 14:43    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Horror      Tags: robert gray  tips  writing  horror fiction  horror  fiction  
Some writers prefer to plot their story before word one goes down, while others simply let the characters and situation drive the story.
27.11.2012 16:37    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Writing  Writing  Writing Craft  Writing Horror      Tags: sarah todd  creating  environment  horror  story  
The best horror writers give their readers a scare; perhaps make them shiver with fear or squirm at vivid descriptions of a terrifying scene or a frightening character.
03.11.2011 03:40    Comments: 0    Categories: Screenwriting  Writing Horror      Tags: horror movie scripts  horror screenplay  horror  henrik holmberg  
Horror movie has certain rules. If you break too many the audience will be disappointed. This is a very short, no fluff, blueprint of how to write a horror script.
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