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23.03.2018 03:33    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Writing      Tags: henry james  art of fiction  fiction writing  
I SHOULD not have affixed so comprehensive a title to these few remarks, necessarily wanting in any completeness, upon a subject the full consideration of which would carry us far,
10.11.2015 05:20    Comments: 0    Categories: Novel Writing      Tags: revising novel  james scott bell  
It is said that Michelangelo, when asked how he had sculpted his masterpiece, The David, replied, “I looked at the stone and removed all that was not The David.”
18.09.2015 04:10    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing      Tags: writing mistakes  james v smith jr.  
Don’t stick your nose into the fictional world with expressions like: If she only knew what was waiting for her on the other side of that door; and he was wrong; or little did she know.
15.07.2014 01:12    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Editing      Tags: checklist  help  edit  writing  james v. smith jr  
This excerpt from The Writer’s Little Helper by James V. Smith Jr., explores the common mistakes that writers make–and how to avoid them.
12.06.2014 20:08    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing a Novel      Tags: james v. smith  jr  the 21 key  traits  best-selling  fiction  
Do you wonder want readers want? In today’s writing tip, you’ll discover the 21 key traits of best-selling fiction excerpted from The Writer’s Little Helper by James V. Smith, Jr.
07.06.2014 04:39    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Middles      Tags: randy ingermanson  writing craft  writing  middle  james scott bell  
I’ve been reading James Scott Bell’s latest book on writing recently, Write Your Novel From the Middle.
29.01.2014 07:41    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Dialogue      Tags: attributions  dialogue  james scott bell  
"So what's the deal on dialogue attributions?" the young writer asked.
31.12.2013 10:50    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Quotations      Tags: james n. frey  writing quotes  quotes  plots  
Writers come up with some interesting metaphors when speaking of plot. Some say the plot is the highway and the characters are the automobiles.
29.12.2013 12:51    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Endings      Tags: james v. smith jr  how to end a novel  ending a novel  
It's important learn what you can and can't do to write success novel endings that attract agents, publishers and, most important, readers.
19.03.2013 01:35    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Symbolism      Tags: james bonnet  symbolism  secret language  great stories  metaphors)  
Visual metaphors are the secret language of great stories. In this article, I will discuss what they are and the source of their power.
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