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03.03.2014 17:00    Comments: 0    Categories: Screenwriting      Tags: how to  outline  screenplay  final draft  
You must, must, must … outline your story before you sit down to write your screenplay.
29.08.2013 09:38    Comments: 0    Categories: Novel Outlining      Tags: outline  writing outline  creating fiction  story structure  
Structure is the most important technical aspect of any story. It brings solidity and focus to a story; yet it is often overlooked and misunderstood.
09.06.2013 14:53    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Plot      Tags: vickie britton  plot  plotting  plot outline  outline  
Many writers waste precious time by not having a firm idea of a fiction novel's plot in mind before writing. They forge ahead and create a jumble of unrelated scenes and events ...
18.12.2011 15:12    Comments: 0    Categories: Novel Outlining      Tags: julie coan  outline  novel outline  novel planning  
There are many writers that say that you don't need to plan before you write a novel. They say that the novel will just grow as they write. They say that planning stifles their creativity.
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