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06.03.2013 13:05    Comments: 0    Categories: Plotting      Tags: michael larocca  one-plot wonder  plot  plotting  
Back in the mid to late 1980s I was a security guard. The pay was lousy, but it gave me many hours in seclusion to write short stories and novels. However, I usually worked over 80 hours a week.
06.03.2013 11:34    Comments: 0    Categories: Plotting      Tags: glen c. strathy  how to  create  plot outlin  easy steps  
Here's an easy way to come up with a brief plot outline for your novel.
06.03.2013 03:27    Comments: 0    Categories: Structure      Tags: rakesh ramubhai patel  plot  structure  short story  
Any story has a particular plot and structure in which all characters play their part. In the short story, there is a wide range of structures and plot forms.
06.03.2013 02:40    Comments: 0    Categories: Screenwriting      Tags: michael hauge  key  elements  plot structure  plot  structure  
Question: "What are the key elements to plot structure?" Answer: Structure is something that every agent and executive in Hollywood talks about ...
06.03.2013 02:35    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Characters      Tags: martha alderson  character emotion  plot  
Some writers excel at pithy banter. Others create dramatic action. The writers I most admire are the ones who in their own natural style ...
11.12.2012 01:39    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Plot  Structure  Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Writing  Writing Craft      Tags: h. thomas milhorn  plot  story  structure  genre  fiction  guide  craft  
PLOT is the sequence of events in a story as the author chooses to arrange them. It is a chain of events, each event the result of some prior events and the cause of some subsequent events.
18.11.2012 14:53    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Plot  Fiction Writing  Writing Craft      Tags: nick vernon  plot  plotting  
What a plot is and what a story is can be sometimes confusing. If you think they are the sameā€¦ They are not. A plot is the outline of your story. The story is everything included.
17.07.2012 04:37    Comments: 0    Categories: Structure  Writing Plot      Tags: melanie anne phillips  plot  structure  story plot  
Here are some general guidelines to help you structure your story's plot, step by step.
26.09.2011 00:42    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Writing  Writing Plot  Writing Tips      Tags: fiction  writing  plot  fiction writing  shruti chandra gupta  
Create a plot where there is plenty of scope for action. An old man is sitting on his wheelchair, watching television.
07.09.2011 20:59    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Writing Characters  Writing Craft  Writing Plot  Writing Style  Screenwriting      Tags: melanie anne phillip  creating characters from plot  characters  
If you already have a story idea, it is a simple matter to create a whole cast of characters that will grow out of your plot.
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