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08.03.2013 03:16    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Writing      Tags: rob parnell  writing  dancing  
There are so many dos and don'ts nowadays for writers to absorb that it's a wonder we don't crack under the strain.
28.07.2012 17:53    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing  Fiction Writing      Tags: rob parnell  how to  become a writer  
The urge to write fiction seems God given for some, a learned skill for others. One thing is certain – it requires practice and a particular mindset. But, if you’re a beginner, where do you start?
22.08.2011 04:31    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Writing  Writing Characters  Writing Craft  Writing Tips      Tags: main antagonist  antagonist  rob parnell  
When writing fiction, writers are forced to consider the protagonist and his or her agenda. We need to ask what our hero's goals are and where they want to end up as people.
29.07.2011 02:35    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Writing Craft  Writing Plot  Writing Tips      Tags: the seven great story plots  rob parnell  plot  plotting  
Looking at the number of remakes that Hollywood churns out you'd be forgiven for thinking that original stories are in short supply.
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