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30.08.2013 07:31    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements      Tags: mark nichol  showing  not telling  personality  speech  thought  
You know the fiction-writing dictum “Show, don’t tell.” But how does it apply in practical terms when it comes to communicating characterization without exposition?
10.10.2011 20:58    Comments: 0    Categories: TV Writing      Tags: ellen sandler  spec pilot  sitcom  television show  
Whether you're an established film/ TV writer or an aspiring one, you've heard it - everybody in town has said it - you should write a spec pilot. Didn't used to be that way.
22.08.2011 04:40    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Writing  Writing Characters  Writing Craft      Tags: show  don't tell  fiction writing  terescia harvey  
What makes this a bad thing? For one, if it's used too often in a story, it keeps the reader at a distance from what the character feels.
23.07.2011 14:00    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Writing Conflict  Writing Description  Writing Tips      Tags: visceral description  show  don't tell  melvin m. harter  
We don't hook a reader with logical exposition, flat narration or argument. We must get to the part of the reader's life that is involuntary, automatic: the five senses and mood/emotion.
05.07.2011 19:20    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Writing Craft  Writing Tips      Tags: crawford kilian  show and tell  
Novice writers (and some professionals) often fall into the trap of “expositing” information instead of presenting it dramatically.
21.05.2011 17:32    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Nick Vernon  Writing  Writing Craft  Writing Theme  Writing Tips      Tags: theme  story  vanity  showed  
A theme is a one-line explanation of your story.. Every story should have one because our stories are about something.
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