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19.11.2015 08:55    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Quotations      Tags: isaac asimov  short story  writing  writing short stories  
As a story grows shorter and shorter, all the fancy embroidery that length makes possible must go.
09.11.2015 11:12    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Craft      Tags: single effect theory  edgar allan poe  writing short stories  
WE HAVE always regarded the Tale (using this word in its popular acceptation) as affording the best prose opportunity for display of the highest talent.
14.03.2015 17:33    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Quotations      Tags: leslie w. quirk  short story  writing short stories  
In a short story, absolutely every paragraph, and even every sentence, should be an unfolding and a development of the plot.
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