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09.06.2013 14:45    Comments: 0    Categories: Novel Writing      Tags: novel  writing  novel writing  diane mannion  writing tips  tips  
It is said that we all have a book to write, but a lot of us struggle to get our ideas down on paper. The process of developing your ideas into a novel can be challenging ...
16.02.2013 15:19    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing  Writing Tips      Tags: david stephenson  writing tips  daily grind  
Never stop your day’s writing at a point where you’ve run out of ideas – when you start again the next day, you are likely to be still in that negative frame of mind.
16.02.2013 14:48    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Writing  Writing Characters  Writing Tips      Tags: david stephenson  writing tips  characters  
What drives your story along are the characters, and their reactions to situations, events and each other.
03.12.2012 19:05    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Writing  Writing Flashback  Fiction Elements  Writing Craft      Tags: rachel k small  fiction writing tips  how to  write  flashbacks  
A flashback is scene or series of scenes that shows a reader something that happened at a time before the present of a story being told.
10.11.2011 20:48    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Writing  Writing a Novel  Writing Tips      Tags: writing tips  writing a novel  writing  
Have you always wanted to write a novel? Do you see the story in your head but find yourself uncapable of getting it all out on paper?
16.10.2011 03:51    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Writing  Novel Writing  Writing Tips      Tags: novel writing  writing tips  melanie anne phillips  
Unlike screenplays, there are no budget constraints in a book. You can write, “The entire solar system exploded, planet at a time,” as easily as you can write, “a leaf fell from the tree.”
25.08.2011 18:31    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Writing  Writing Characters  Writing Craft  Writing Tips      Tags: character tips  character  writing tips  character pro  
Truly great characters have an innate consistency that can only come from knowing the character's inner workings. Spend the time developing the spine. Your characters will be better differentiated.
21.08.2011 20:04    Comments: 0    Categories: Publishing      Tags: writing tips  writing novel  novel published  
Pick a date you want to hold the first copy of your novel
19.05.2011 18:11    Comments: 0    Categories: Writing Tips  Writing Description  Writing  Writing Craft      Tags: writing tips  writing description  
Keep it brief. No one wants pages and pages of description anymore. It's hard to read a Dickens novel these days, as we are now much more interested in reading "what happens."
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