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02.08.2011 14:46    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Elements  Fiction Writing  Writing Characters  Writing Craft  Writing Tips  Writing Handout      Tags: character arc  hero's journey  michele albert  michelle jerott  


WORKSHEET: Character Arc/Hero's Journey
(Adapted from C. Vogler's "The Writers Journey " and J. Campbells' Hero with a Thousand Faces ")


Limited awareness of a problem
(Act I)
Ordinary World
Increased awareness
(Act I)
Call to Adventure
Reluctance to change
(Act I)
Overcoming reluctance
(Act I)
Meeting with the Mentor
Committing to change
(Act I)
Crossing the Threshold
Experimenting with first change
(Act II)
Tests, Allies, Enemies
Preparing for big change
(Act II)
Approach to the Inmost Cave
Consequences of the attempt (improvements and setbacks)
(Act II)
Supreme Ordeal
Rededication to change
(Act II)
The Road Back
A final attempt at big change
(Act III)
Final mastery of the problem
(Act III)
Return with the Elixer



I find this chart useful because I like to write character-driven stories--and the whole point of a character driven story in romance is that your hero and heroine have to change and grow.  The growth process isn't easy for them; it involves both advances and set backs.  When my book is done, if I can't chart my character's growth in roughly the same order as appears in this worksheet, then I may have missed a crucial step in character development.  Not to say this is a "rule" you must follow, or that every step has to be included.  Books are different, writers are different--but, overall, it provides a road map of sorts in helping me create satisfying characters.  In other words, the chart is a GUIDELINE, not a RULE.  If it helps you, great!  We all have our own systems, so what works well for one writer might not do a thing for another.


READING books by Vogler and Campbell will make sense of the above chart, but I also think it?s fairly self-explanatory.


About the Author


Michele Albert /Michelle Jerott writes for Avon: Off Limits (10/03), Getting Her Man (10/02), Her Bodyguard (10/01), A Great Catch (9/00), All Night Long (10/99), Absolute Trouble (9/98).  She is currently working on next book.

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