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28.02.2015 14:46    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Writing      Tags: robert saunders dowst  story types  

Conception and Execution - Utility to Know Types - Novel and Romance - Short Story - The Three Types - Emphasis Three Elements of Any Story - Story of Character - Character and Action - Story of Incident - Archetypal Character Short Story and Fallacy of Compression - Story of Atmosphere - Other Types.

The labors of the fiction writer are of two sorts, conceptive and executive. In actual practice, of course, the writer may have only the faintest glimmering of his story when he begins to write, and may simultaneously conceive, elaborate, and express as he goes along; but that is not the method of the conscious literary artist. An understanding adaptation of means to ends is impossible unless the writer has a definite purpose fixed in mind from the first moment of execution. And in writing on technique it is necessary to assume the natural order of the total artistic or creative process, whether the actual practice of any writer coincides with it or not. Therefore the body of conceptive technique first calls for treatment. Strict executive technique and also the technique of construction--which is both conceptive and executive--will be taken up after dealing with the matter of story types and the matter of plot. Read more.

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About the Author

Robert Saunders Dowst, 1890-1959, author of The Technique of Fiction Writing. Whether you're a new writer struggling to find your way into the story you want to tell or an experienced scribe looking to shake things up with a few novel tips and techniques, Robert Saunders Dowst's The Technique of Fiction Writing can help. Packed with practical guidelines and instructions that are sure to break you out of your rut and breathe new life into your work, this classic guide is a must-read for aspiring novelists and short-story writers.

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