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1.1 Nouns

1.1A Noun Identification
1.1B Count, Mass, Collective Nouns
1.1C Plural & Possessive Nouns

1.2 Pronouns

1.2A Pronouns & Antecedents
1.2B Ambiguous and Vague Antecedents
1.2C Pronoun Case
1.2D Personal, Possessive and Indefinite Pronouns
1.2E Reflexive, Intensive and Reciprocal Pronouns
1.2F Interrogative, Relative and Demonstrative Pronouns

1.3 Verbs

1.3A Verb Identification
1.3B Transitive, Intransitive, & Linking Verbs
1.3C Verb Tenses and Forms
1.3D Auxiliary (Helping) Verbs
1.3E Verbs and Mood
1.3F Verbs and Voice
1.3G Verbals

1.4 Adjectives and Adverbs

1.4A Adjectives
1.4B Adverbs
1.4C Adverbial (& Adverbial Conjunctions)
1.4D Comparative & Superlative
1.4E Practice Distinguishing Adjectives & Adverbs

1.5 Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Interjections

1.5A Preposition Identification & Object of Preposition
1.5B Conjunctions (Coordinating, Correlative, & Subordinate)
1.5C Interjections

1.6 Review of Parts of Speech

1.6A Practice Distinguishing Parts of Speech

Part 2 Sentence Elements

2.1 Subject and Predicate

2.1A Simple Subjects
2.1B Complex Subjects
2.1C Subject Complements
2.1D Predicate Identification
2.1E Subject-Verb Agreement

2.2 Object

2.2A Simple Objects
2.2B Complex Objects
2.2C Direct Objects (Simple & Complex)
2.2D Indirect Objects (Simple & Complex)
2.2E Object Complements

2.3 Clauses

2.3A Clause Identification
2.3B Main & Subordinate Clauses
2.3C Noun Clauses
2.3D Adjective & Adverb Clauses
2.3E Practice Identifying Clauses

2.4 Phrases

2.4A Phrase Identification
2.4B Noun & Verb Phrases
2.4C Prepositional Phrase
2.4D Verbal Phrases (Infinitive, Participial, & Gerund)
2.4E Appositive & Absolute Phrases
2.4F Practice for Distinguishing Phrases
2.4G Phrase Functions

2.5 Sentences

2.5A Simple Sentence
2.5B Compound Sentence
2.5C Complex Sentence
2.5D Compound-Complex Sentence

2.6 Sentence Faults

2.6A Sentence Fragments
2.6B Ambiguous Modifier
2.6C Dangling Modifiers (Gerund, Infinitive, Participial, & Elliptical)
2.6D Shifts
2.6E Mixed Constructions

Part 3 Punctuation

3.1 Period, Question Mark, and Exclamation Mark

3.2 Colon, Semi-Colon

3.3 Dash, Slash

3.4 Commas


3.4A Compound Sentences
3.4B Adverbial Clauses
3.4C Restrictives/Non-restrictives
3.4D Interjections
3.4E Conjunctions
3.4F Items in a Series
3.4G Appositives
3.4H Parallel Structures
3.4I Comma Splices
3.4J Preventing Misunderstandings

3.5 Ellipsis

3.6 Parentheses and Square Brackets

3.7 Apostrophe

3.8 Quotation Marks

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