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Helpful Writing Tips for Creative Writers

A car horn blares behind you, rock music clashes in the background, the dog barks, and an unidentified toy flies dangerously close to your head. Is it any wonder you can't write anything?

The majority of creative writing tips emphasize the importance of environment, but many would-be authors put themselves in circumstances less than conducive to engaging their right brain. Virginia Woolf wrote "A Room of One's Own" for a reason -- if you want to utilize all those creative writing tips you've found, establishing a calm, productive sanctuary is key. Pick an environment where you'll be largely undisturbed. It doesn't have to be an office; perhaps you prefer to write outside near a park, or you're the type of person who works best with lots of white noise around, like in a coffee shop. Wherever you decide to write, commit yourself to blocks of uninterrupted time to get your ideas on paper and begin the creative process.

Another often overlooked creative writing tip is the importance of writing down all those fleeting thoughts of inspiration that float through your mind each day. To capture your most creative ideas, keep a notebook and pen on hand to jot down ideas that occur to you throughout the day. You don't have to explain these fully in your notebook. Just write down a word or two or some shorthand, and tuck the notebook away for later. When you're ready to write, go through the book and use it as a brainstorming mechanism. Writers thrive off ideas, so don't allow yours to escape you by not writing them down.

Now you've got a quiet room and a book of your best ideas. What to do? Start with the basics. Sketch out the fundamentals and fill in the details once you have a framework ready. Consider the point of view you wish to write your story in and the setting. Who will the protagonist be? What are her traits or the moral dilemma which she is facing? What's the rough idea for the plot? Create an outline on your computer or go old school and write it down, but rest assured that this brief preparation in the beginning will save you time later and assist you as you develop your work.

Beginners and established writers alike hate this one, but it's important to solicit honest feedback about your work. The operative word is "honest". We'd all like to hear readers gush about our writing after the first try, but the truth is almost all writing can benefit from a little polishing via an outside critic. The feedback you'll receive may not be comfortable at first, but remember how much stronger and concise your writing will be with a variety of opinions on what works and what doesn't.

Lastly, read as much as you can, as often as you can, from as many sources as possible. Books not only enhance our vocabulary and give us an insight on different writing styles, but inspire our imaginations and exercise our brains. The best authors can teach you more in one book than an entire semester of creative writing class.


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Shery Ma Belle Arrieta is the creator of WriteSparks! - a software that generates over 1,000,000 Story Sparkers for Writers. Download WriteSparks! Lite for free - WriteSparks!

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