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11.11.2011 10:41    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Writing  Writing Characters  Writing Romance  Writing Style      Tags: romance characters  hero  romance  characters  jamie denton  

While I was avoiding another run through with my characters, I started to think about my hero in my latest WIP. Some important questions were raised by my ruthless writer's subconscious that really got me to thinking about my hero. I'm not referring to his exterior charm, because he's a drop dead gorgeous hunk, has a bank account I'd love to have at my disposal, a house that I'd move into in a heartbeat, and well . . . let's just leave it there for the moment and stay out of the bedroom for the time being.

What kind of man is your hero? Is he someone you can trust? Can you tell him all of your secrets without worrying about him running away at the first sign of trouble? Is he the type of guy that will listen to you, be supportive, offer advice without expecting you to take his word as gospel? Is he someone you'd love to take home to meet Mama, or is he the bad boy you'll want to keep all to yourself? And, is he someone you'd be intimate with, on a physical level?

First and foremost, he should be all your fantasies come to life on the pages of your manuscript. He can be brooding, darkly handsome and will not take no for an answer. He can be strong, physically and emotionally, powerful and successful. The fantasy male can be sensitive and caring with a sense of humor. He can be anything you want him to be, but he has to be desirable.

The hero in your story needs to be someone we care deeply about. There is nothing to say he can't be a bad boy that your heroine unwittingly tames, a handsome rogue she reforms so that his philandering days come to an abrupt halt. But if you can't fall in love with him, then your heroine probably won't - unless she's a goof ball, and your readers won't be thinking too highly of this fellow either, not to mention their opinions of your credibility.

Let's think about this seriously for a moment. Would you want a guy you didn't at least care about? Would you want a total jerk putting his dusty boots, wing-tips, beat-up sneakers or otherwise under your bed with the delicate lace dust-ruffle?

The hero has changed drastically over the past few years. The Alpha male is still a popular heroic choice for many writers and readers, but we've severely tamed him from the jerk with the sensitivity of a flea or the morals of a tomcat on the prowl. The hero of our imaginations is still tall and good-looking with a body to make us drool. The intensity of his gaze can make our knees quiver and his kisses ignite fires of unquenchable passion. But he is caring and supportive, although a tad stubborn at times. He's the kind of guy you'd love to spend the rest of your life with, the kind of guy your mother would love her daughter to marry.

He's the man you'd go to bed with! And once there, you'd never want to leave!

If your hero is giving you fits and driving your heroine nuts, sit back and take a good look at this guy. What makes him tick? Does he have a strong moral fiber or is he an insensitive jerk? Does he have any redeeming qualities? Would your intelligent, compassionate heroine sleep with this guy? Would you?

If the answer is no, then you have a problem. There is no need to delete this man from your manuscript, but you probably should park his butt in a corner and give him a serious tongue-lashing for being such a jerk. Once you've vented your frustrations with this unmanageable and somewhat unlikable gent, you can get down to business.

Something must have happened to make this guy hard edged and cold, he wasn't born that way. There is a reason that he treats people the way he does, so find out what it is and make it work to your advantage. Make us love him despite those horrible faults he's been showing the world - give him a redeeming quality that tugs at the readers heartstrings. Perhaps the love of his life died tragically and he's sworn to stay away from women. Perhaps his mother ran out on him when he was a little boy so trust doesn't come very easily to this guy. Perhaps he was born poor, dirt poor, and he's got so much drive and ambition to succeed he's never taken the time to "smell the roses," and all he needs is a good woman to show him the beautiful things in life he's been missing - namely love.

And when you've finished polishing away his rough edges and turned them into smooth contours, you'll have the man that not only your heroine will love, but so will you. And being the romantics that we are, we certainly wouldn't allow our heroine, or even ourselves, to make love to a man we didn't care deeply about - now would we?



About the Author

Ever since she heard her first fairy tale, award winning Harlequin author, Jamie Denton, always believed in happily-ever-after and the power of love. In her opinion, there's nothing quite as heart-warming as the happy ending for a hero and heroine who overcome the odds. Always one to seek out challenge, Jamie embraced her first challenge at the age of sixteen when she married my high school sweetheart. A whole lot of years later, she still fondly recalls the first time she saw her own personal hero and knew, even at that tender age, that he was the one for her. With a history like that, what else could she write except Romances?

To read more about Jamie and her upcoming releases, visit her website at www.jamiedenton.net, where something hot and steamy is always brewing.

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