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Using Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Stories

Creativity is something that comes naturally for most seasoned writers. Given any topic under the sun, an experienced writer will be able to spin words around it and turn it into a literary masterpiece. However, this is not a gift that is easily developed in everybody. Some people may have to work extra hard just to find inspiration in everyday things, and there are also others who feel like they don't have the gift at all. The truth is everyone has the potential to do it. What's needed is some practice and the ability to focus, and you will easily be able to create extraordinary stories from ordinary things around you.

Practically anything can be a source of inspiration, be it a poster on a bulletin board or a piece of graffiti in a public bathroom. Even objects can be used as a visual prompt for creating a literary piece because a writer has the knack of seeing things in objects that ordinary people don't. For this reason, something as boring as an empty bottle or a dried leaf can trigger the imagination and creativity of a writer and allow him to write numerous chapters based on that single object.

If you are finding it hard to release your inner writer, here are some suggestions on how you can use any ordinary item to spark your imagination and give you plenty of ideas to write about.

  • Visual prompts can appear in the most unexpected times and places, usually when you are not really looking for a topic you can write about. In order to preserve the image, it would be helpful if you always bring a digital camera with you, or at least a notebook where you can jot down these ideas.

  • Each time you look at something, try to see beneath the surface. Search for an underlying message or a hidden meaning that is not visible to the world. Once you master this skill, getting inspired will come naturally for you.

  • Images usually come with words, especially those on posters and magazines. Use these words to help you get more ideas about the image. If there are no printed words, make some up and use these to generate ideas.

  • Go with your instinct. Usually, the first idea that comes to mind is a great one, regardless of how ridiculous it may seem at first. Writing is deeply personal and as long as the ideas are completely your own, you don't have to worry about what others will think about it.


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Shery Ma Belle Arrieta is the creator of WriteSparks! - a software that generates over 1,000,000 Story Sparkers for Writers. Download WriteSparks! Lite for fr*e - WriteSparks!

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