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Professor W. B. Pitkin regards the short-story as a "fusion of two artistic ideals, the one American, the other French." The American ideal is "The Single Effect." The French ideal is the "Dramatic Effect." He defines it accordingly, "The short story is therefore a narrative drama with a single effect." Mr. J. B. Esenwein gives these essentials:

  • Singleness of impression.
  • A well-defined plot.
  • A dominant incident.
  • A dominant character.
  • A complication and its resolution.

Mr. Carl Grabo says, "A short-story aims at a single effect : the writer, dominated by a single emotion, endeavors so to devise his story as to convey this and arouse an echo of it in his readers."


~Blanche Colton Williams


Blanche Colton Williams



Blanche Colton Williams (1879 – August 9, 1944)  was an American author, editor, professor of English literature, and head of the English department at Hunter College.
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