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21.01.2015 11:58    Comments: 0    Categories: Fiction Writing      Tags: write  shery ma belle arrieta-russ  writesparks  story writing  

We writers are a powerful lot. We control time. We dictate actions. We control destinies.


We can make two completely opposite people fall in love with each other, and we can create family feuds that can last for centuries.


We can make our heroine travel back in time to rescue her soulmate, and we can give the most villainous person the punishment she deserves.


We can take our characters to the most exotic places and give them their own adventures.


Simply put, we writers can create our own possibilities. In our world, nothing is impossible.


Try creating your own possibilities using the given prompts below.


There are 4 givens: theme, setting, character and key object. Randomly pick 1 from each and use these to start off your piece.


Themes: deception, irony, love lost, infidelity, rejection
Characters: chemist, divorced woman, doctor, teacher, singer
Key objects: yellow bag, pen, knife, shoe, fuse box
Settings: space colony, gym, park, lab, retirement home


Here are a few examples using the above prompts:


  • Write a story about love lost, with a doctor as the main character and a shoe as the key object. Set your story in a park.


  • Write a story about infidelity, with a chemist as the main character and a pen as the key object. Set your story in a gym.


  • Write a story about deception, with a singer as the main character and a yellow bag as the key object. Set your story in a space colony.


  • Write a story about rejection, with a divorced woman as the main character, and a knife as the key object. Set your story in a retirement home.


  • Write a story about irony, with a teacher as the main character and a fuse box as the key object. Set your story in a lab.


  • Mix and match the themes, characters, key objects and settings. You can come up with more than 30 possibilities just using the ones already given.

    Write stories... write your possibilities!


    Copyright © Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ


    About the Author


    Shery Ma Belle Arrieta is the creator of WriteSparks! - a software that generates over 1,000,000 Story Sparkers for Writers. Download WriteSparks! Lite for free - WriteSparks!

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