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 | 1070 Days Ago
The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations by Georges Polti - An incredibly useful guide for aspiring authors and playwrights. This volume categorizes every dramatic situation which could occur in a story and describes them in a list of 36 situations. A great aid to help inspire or formalize the creative writing process.
 | 1145 Days Ago
Revealing the Essence of Your Characters Check List. Write to Reveal Character Checklist.rnTrue character can only be revealed by action. At the same time, the reader must be aware of the mental and emotional responses of the character prior to the action. Here is a checklist of things to consider when creating your characters.
 | 1223 Days Ago
Lajos Egri's Character Bone Structure Physiology. Lajos Egri's Character Bone Structure Physiology 1. Sex 2. Age 3. Height and weight 4. Color of hair, eyes, skin 5. Posture 6. Appearance: good-looking, over- or ...
 | 1248 Days Ago
How to write a book in 30 days: Worksheets. Worksheet l: Character sketch - Worksheet 2A: General setting sketch - Worksheet 2B: Character setting sketch - Worksheet 3: Research list - Worksheet 4: Plot sketch - Worksheet 5: Summary outline - Worksheet 6: Miscellaneous scene notes - Worksheet 7: Closing scene notes - Worksheet 8: Interview questions - Worksheet 9: Dialogue sheet - Worksheet l0: Fact sheet - Worksheet ll: Background timeline - Worksheet 12: Miscellaneous timeline - Worksheet 13: Story evolution - Worksheet 14: Formatted outline capsule - Worksheet 15: Day sheet. The worksheets for download are from "Writer's Digest Write Your Novel in 30 Days." Get a complete copy of the magazine @ http://amzn.to/2dURHnB or http://socialpolitan.org/fiction-writing-craft/blogs/entry/Write-Your-Novel-in-30-Days-NaNoWriMo
 | 1250 Days Ago
The American Slang Dictionary (1891), by James Maitland
 | 1250 Days Ago
Synonyms and Antonyms: an alphabetical list of words in common use, grouped with others of similar and opposite meaning. Edith B. Ordway (Edith Bertha) (1913).
 | 1250 Days Ago
The Universal Plot Catalog: an examination of the elements of plot material and construction, combined with a complete index and a progressive category in which the source, life and end of all dramatic conflict and plot matter are classified. By Henry Albert Phillips, (1916). A very great editor once told me something that has always stuck in my mind. It was just after I had come to New York from a small western town and, although I recognized the truth of what he said, I did not appreciate its depth. "A writer sells his first story on account of plot — after that technique has to pull him through. I knew that he had said something, but it took me a long time fighting away at writing to realize the truth of his remark. Every person who has the cosmic urge in him that makes him put himself on paper in narrative form has a big story in him before he touches his pen. The author seizes his pen and what is in him flows out. He sends it out and it sells.
 | 1260 Days Ago
McGraw-Hill's Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs: All languages have phrases that cannot be understood literally and, therefore, cannot be used with confidence. They are opaque or unpredictable because they don't have expected, literal meaning. Even if you know the meaning of all the words in a phrase and understand all the grammar of the phrase completely, the meaning of the phrase may still be confusing. A phrase or sentence of this type is said to be idiomatic. This dictionary is collection of the idiomatic phrases and sentences that occur frequently in American English. Many of them occur in some fashion in other varieties of English also.
 | 1260 Days Ago
Common Irregular Verb ListrnBase Form Past Simple, Past Participle, 3rd Person Singular
 | 1263 Days Ago
Plot Structure Diagram

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