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 | 1660 Days Ago
Plot Structure Diagram
 | 1665 Days Ago
Conceptive Technique: Plot and Situation by Robert Saunders Dowst: Definition of Plot--Character and Plot--Dramatic Value of Plot--Complication--Interest--Plot as Problem--Three Basic Themes--Conflict Between Man and Nature--Conflict Between Man and Man--Conflict Within the Same Man-- Arrangement of Elements of Plot--Climax--Major Situations-- Situation and Plot. The plot of a story is its heart and essence. This is obviously true in the case of the strict story of plot, and it is very curiously true in the case of the story of character or of atmosphere. For in the story which lays emphasis on personality, the evolution or degeneration of the particular trait which has been selected for presentation is the real story-element of the fiction. The fact is the root of the necessity that the action develop in concert with the trait of character, giving it opportunity for expression. And in the story which lays emphasis on atmosphere, the climactic progression of the particular atmosphere to the point of highest intensity is the real story-element, which is the root of the necessity that the action develop in strict keeping with the atmosphere, that the effect may not be spoiled.
 | 1683 Days Ago
Holly Lisle Create A Plot Clinic: You can create a novel, short story, or screenplay plot from beginning to end, even if you don’t know what you want to write about yet. Want to write fiction but don’t know where to start? Do you have a stack of 30-page novels that have stalled? Are you stuck in the vast morass of your novel’s middle? Don’t know how to figure out your ending? Or do you have the whole first draft done, with the sinking feeling that something’s wrong with the story, but you don’t know what, or where? With Holly Lisle’s Create A Plot Clinic, you’ll: Choose and use the right structure for your story. Overflow with story ideas using twenty fun, easy tools. Organize your plot before you write, while still keeping it flexible and exciting. Adapt your story to great ideas you have while you’re writing. Fix problem plotting as you write the book and even when you’re revising it. Deal with late, great ideas and your stubborn Muse without getting bogged down in endless rewriting. And much more.
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