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 | 1644 Days Ago
The Photodrama : the philosophy of its principles, the nature of its plot, its dramatic construction. By Henry Albert Phillips, (1914).
 | 1646 Days Ago
How to Write Moving Picture Plays by William Lewis Gordon (1914). Guarantee, Letter from the Author, Notice to Photoplaywrights, Definitions of Technical Terms, Section 1. Introduction, 2. How ARE Moving Pictures Produced 3. What is a Photoplay? 4. Prices Paid for Plays, 5. Qualifications Necessary to Write Photoplays, 6. Kind of Plays to Write, 7. Kind of Plays to Avoid, 8. Censorship, 9. Dramatization, 10. Plagiarism, 11. The Plot and How to Obtain It, 12. Preparation of Manuscript, 13. Title of Play, 14. Synopsis, 15. Cast of Characters, 16. Scenario, 17. Leaders, OR Sub-titles, Section 18. Letters, Cuppings, Etc., 19. What Constitutes a Scene, 20. CoNTiNXHTY OF Scenes, 21. Stage Settings and Properties, 22. Entrance and Exit of Characters, 23. Climax, 24. Limitations of the Camera, 25. Length of Play, 26. Single Reels, Double Reels, Split rnReels, Etc., 27. Review, 28. How TO Mail Manuscript, 29. Where to Sell Plays, 30. Time Required for Company to Pass JUDGEMENT ON A PLAY, 31. Time Required to Write a Play, 32. Copyrights, 33. Integrity of Film Companies, 34. Perseverance, 35. Miscellaneous Notes, Sample Play, Illustrating Proper Technical Form
 | 1646 Days Ago
Writing the Photoplay by Ralph Perkins Stoddard (1911). A Book of Valuable Information for Those Who Would Enter A Field of Unlimited Endeavor. The amateur and novice are being weeded out, while those who take the pains to study this rnart and prepare themselves for the work, are mating with excellent success. To receive. the attention of the producer and have a chance for sale, a Scenario must conform to certain established rules and be presented in proper form. Many who now submit these plays, only to have them returned by the manufacturer, may make their writing profitable, if they will instruct themselves in the art and technique of the work.
 | 1646 Days Ago
How to Write a Photoplay by Herbert Case Hoagland (1912). How Photoplays are Produced. The Bare Idea. What Not to Do. Photoplays that Won't be Accepted. Hints. Model Scenario. Where to Sell
 | 1646 Days Ago
How to Write Photoplays (1920). Screenwriting books did not begin with Syd Field, in 1913 there were four screenwriting how to books published, with at least one more in the following year. There have been screenwriting books for as long as there have been films! So let's take a look at one of the most popular books from this era, "How To Write Photoplays" by two screenwriters at the time, Anita Loos and John Emerson.
 | 1646 Days Ago
How To Write Photoplays by Clarence J. Caine (1915): A Thoroughly Practical Guide to Photoplay Writing. This book describes the art of writing silent films as it was in 1915. The book also includes a sample script of the one-reeler “If I Were Young Again,” a lost film that was produced by Selig-Polyscope.
 | 1651 Days Ago
Photoplay / Screenplay Scenarios; how to write and sell them by Eustace Hale Ball. This book was published 1917.
 | 1651 Days Ago
How To Write Moving Picture Plays by Carl Charlton (1916). How to Write Photoplays: A Thoroughly Practical Guide to Photoplay Writing.
 | 1666 Days Ago
How to Write for the "MOVIES" (1915): CHAPTER PAGE I The Birth of the Motion Pic ture Story - The Glossary of the Photo play - The Scenario - The Tools of the Trade - Studying the Market - The Title - The Synopsis - Continuity of Scenes - Old Ideas - CHAPTER PAGE XIX The Plot - The Evolving of the Plot - The Choice of a Subject - Study Good Writers - The Climax - The Punch - The Comedy - Scenic Action - The Cut Back - The Subtitle or Leader - The Mission of the Subtitle - The Telegram and Letter - The Newspaper Insert - Plagiarizing - The Pest - The Copyright - The Model Comedy Scenario - The One or Two Reel Play - The Masked Wrestler - The Melodrama - The Censor Board - Photography - The Fiction Rights to the Photoplay - The Market - Copyright
 | 1681 Days Ago
Modern Photoplay Writing Its Craftsmanship: a manual demonstrating the structural and dramatic principles of the new art as paracticed by the modern photoplaywright - Howard T. Dimick
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