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 | 1114 Days Ago
The Writing Loft: Explanation of Plot and Conflict
 | 1219 Days Ago
The Universal Plot Catalog: an examination of the elements of plot material and construction, combined with a complete index and a progressive category in which the source, life and end of all dramatic conflict and plot matter are classified. By Henry Albert Phillips, (1916). A very great editor once told me something that has always stuck in my mind. It was just after I had come to New York from a small western town and, although I recognized the truth of what he said, I did not appreciate its depth. "A writer sells his first story on account of plot — after that technique has to pull him through. I knew that he had said something, but it took me a long time fighting away at writing to realize the truth of his remark. Every person who has the cosmic urge in him that makes him put himself on paper in narrative form has a big story in him before he touches his pen. The author seizes his pen and what is in him flows out. He sends it out and it sells.
 | 1232 Days Ago
Plot Structure Diagram
 | 1232 Days Ago
Plot and Conflict: A story cannot be interesting without a plot. And a plot cannot be interesting without conflict.

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