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 | 1187 Days Ago
The Art of Versification: A Practical Handbook of the Structure of Verse Together with Chapters on the Origin Nature and Forms of Poetry. y J. Berg Esenwein (Joseph Berg), (1913). This little treatise does not aim to create poets — Heaven must do that; but it does seek to furnish those who have poetic inspirations with the knowledge of how to master the forms of expression. Poetry is first a gift, then an rnart — both the gift and the art demand cultivation.
 | 1194 Days Ago
How to Write Poetry by Ethel Maude Colson (1919). This little book is offered without apology. No apology is needed for any effort, howeverhumble, attempting to further the great cause and art of poetry. As well attempt apology for seeking to augment popular appreciation of love or music or sunshine. But a word of explanation may not be out of place. It is not hoped by means of this modest bantling to increase the outward and visible supply of poets. Poets, whatever may have been said and thought to the contrary, are born and not made. So are musicians, painters, actors, artists of whatever order. But who, for this reason, would deny to the ordinary educated human some slight technical knowledge—at least enough for intelligent appreciation—of music or the drama or art?

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