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 | 1749 Days Ago
On The Origin and Progress of Novel Writing by Mrs. Anna Letitia Barbauld, 1743-1825: A Collection of Novels has a better chance of giving pleasure than, of commanding respect. Books of this description are condemned by the grave, and despised by the fastidious; but their leaves are seldom found unopened, and they occupy the parlour and the dressing-room while productions of higher name are often gathering dust upon the slitlf. It might not perhaps be difficult to show that this species of composition is entitled to a higher rank than has been generally assigned it. Fictitious adventures, in one form or other, have made a par* of the polite literature of every age and nation These have been grafted upon the actions of their heroes; they have been interwoven with their mythology ; they have been moulded upon the manners of the age, and, in return, have influenced the manners of the succeeding genenration by the sentiments they have infused and the sensibilities they have excited.
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