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 | 1730 Days Ago
Art In Short Story Narration: A Searching Analysis of the Qualifications of Fiction in General, and of the Short Story in Particular, with Copious Examples, Making the Work A PRACTICAL TREATISE. By Henry Albert Phillips, (1913). Many books have been written bearing chiefly upon the technical side of fiction construction, but few — indeed, if any — have taken a step further and undertaken to analyze and reconstruct the artistic qualifications essential to fiction literature. Sometimes it is easier to tell how to do a thing, than it is to do it or to define intelligently the nature of the thing to be done. The literary craft has been informed so often how it should do its work, that it seems refreshing to be told in definite terms just what that work is." Art in Short Story Narration," then, is a book of unusual timeliness. Never before, have so many short stories been written — and published; never before has there been such a vast army of tyros — and such a great company of successful authors. In like proportion, the field for technical lore and critical discussion has advanced and widened apace.
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