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 | 1725 Days Ago
The Art of Story Writing by J. Berg Esenwein (Joseph Berg), (1919). In early times, the professional bards and story-tellers were the only historians, passing from martial camp to palace, from public squares to any gathering of people, and weaving the mythical or the genuine deeds of gods and heroes into "histories" for the entertainment of listeners. Gradually, fact was separated from Action, until now there is a great gulf fixed between history and fictive story. True, the gulf is not impassable, for while history now deals solely with fact, or what it believes to be fact, it often adopts the story form; and while most stories are fictitious, some are woven chiefly of history, and all stories are sure to contain fact in greater or lesser degree. The truth remains, however, that story and history are now distinct. The term "story" includes a wide variety of narrative terms, but broadly it may be defined as the narration of a real or a fictitious action, dealing with thoughts, or motives, or feelings.
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