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 | 1735 Days Ago
The Writer: How to Write for a Living by Trentwell Mason White (1947). I First Considerations. II The Plan. III The Plot. IV Characterization and Other Problems. CREATING TTPES OF THE SHORT STORY. Introduction. I The Adventure Story. II The Love Story. III The Western Story. IV The Detective Story. CREATING JUVENILE FICTION. I The Juvenile Field as a Training Ground Clayton Holt Ernst. II On Writing for Children Elizabeth Coatsworth. III Building the Juvenile Serial. CREATING OTHER FICTION FORMS. I The Short Short Story. II The Novelette. III The Novel. CONSIDERING ASSOCIATED FICTION FORMS. I The Radio Script Katharine Seymour and J. T. W. Martin. II The Play Script, Alice Howard Spaulding. III If You Must Write for the Movies Doris F. Halman. REVISING, EDITING, PROOFREADING PROBLEMS. I Revising the Manuscript. II Editing the Manuscript, Edward Weeks. III Proof and Proofreading. SELLING: ATTITUDES AND ACTIVITIES. I Are Editors People? Kenneth Payson Kempton. II The Author's Second Trade Harford Powel, Jr. III Author—Agent—Publisher, Grace Morse. THE AUTHOR DISCUSSES HIS TRADE. I Literary Discipline, Alan Devoe. II Where Ignorance Is Bliss Frederick Orin Bartlett. III How I Write Sea Stories, James B. Connolly. IV Why You Can't Write Dog Stories Albert Payson Terhune. V Doing the Adventure Story Leonard H. Nason. VI Writing the Western Story Francis W. Hilton
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