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 | 1722 Days Ago
The Technique of the Mystery Story By Carolyn Wells (1913). All the world loves a mystery; perhaps that is why Emerson declared the same to be true of a lover. Since time out of mind, a dear and open page has ever lacked the fascination of the veiled meaning, and when some touch of the strange, the weird, and even the gruesome, has been added to the mysterious, its challenge has been the more alluring. Just wherein lies this universal charm, is itself a puzzle. Maybe it lies in our natures, born out of an uncharted past and tending toward an unknown future; maybe it is because of man's disposition to triumph over difficulties — sending him in quest of fabled treasures, on perilous hunts in unknown lands, and bidding him struggle with his last ounce of energy to attain goals hitherto unattained; or maybe it is the expression of his dual make-up — flesh and spirit — and when the mysterious is set before him he instinctively feels a call to match his discernment against the problem, seem it never so insoluble.
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