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 | 1765 Days Ago
The Elinor Glyn System Of Short Story and Photoplay Writing ( Originally Published 1922 ) This FREE book is in e-book FORMAT. A scanned copy of the original book is also included. Page Summary: What Knowledge Must I Have To Succeed? Getting Acquainted With Your Ideas. Becoming Interested In Yourself. Qualities Of Mind You Should Encourage. The Theme Of Your Story. Point Of View. Characters And Characterization. Building The Plot. Exercise In Plot Building. Short Stories - What. Knowledge Must I Have To Succeed? The Continuity, Or Scenario. Characters In The Photoplay. Setting In The Photoplay. The Photoplay Title. The Photoplay Stage. What To Write About. Things You Should Not Write About. Writing Comedy. The Writer, His Methods. Why Manuscripts Are Rejected. How Successful Writers Sell Their Manuscripts. How To Merit Success
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