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 | 1754 Days Ago
On The Writing Of Speculative Fiction: There are at least two principal ways to write speculative fiction--write about people, or write about gadgets. There are other ways; consider Stapledon's Last and First Men, recall S. Fowler Wright's The World Below. But the gadget story and the human-interest story comprise most of the field. Most science fiction stories are a mixture of the two types, but we will speak as if they were distinct--at which point I will chuck the gadget story aside, dust off my hands, and confine myself to the human-interest story, that being the sort of story I myself write. I have nothing against the gadget story--I read it and enjoy it--it's just not my pidgin. I am told that this is a how-to-do-it symposium; I'll stick to what I know how to do.
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