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 | 1799 Days Ago
Character Chart for Fiction Writers: Looking for an easy way to keep track of your character's biographical information? Trying to come up with some unique personality details? Print and use this chart to enrich your characters' identities.
 | 1769 Days Ago
The Universal Plot Catalog: an examination of the elements of plot material and construction, combined with a complete index and a progressive category in which the source, life and end of all dramatic conflict and plot matter are classified. By Henry Albert Phillips, (1916). A very great editor once told me something that has always stuck in my mind. It was just after I had come to New York from a small western town and, although I recognized the truth of what he said, I did not appreciate its depth. "A writer sells his first story on account of plot — after that technique has to pull him through. I knew that he had said something, but it took me a long time fighting away at writing to realize the truth of his remark. Every person who has the cosmic urge in him that makes him put himself on paper in narrative form has a big story in him before he touches his pen. The author seizes his pen and what is in him flows out. He sends it out and it sells.
 | 1797 Days Ago
Write Good or Die: Survival tips for 21st century writers, from best-selling authors Kevin J. Anderson, M.J. Rose, Heather Graham, J.A. Konrath, Gayle Lynds, Alexandra Sokoloff, Jonathan Maberry, and more. How to develop your craft, improve your writing, get an agent, promote your work, embrace the digital age, and prepare yourself for the coming changes in the publishing industry. Edited by Scott Nicholson.
 | 1798 Days Ago
Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer: The introductory column to the workbench of Roy Peter Clark.
 | 1799 Days Ago
 | 1801 Days Ago
The Writers Dictionary of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Mythology
 | 2307 Days Ago
rnMost people read fiction not so much for plot as for company. In a good piece of fiction you can meet someone and get to know her in depth, or you can meet yourself, in disguise, and imaginatively live out and understand your passions. The writer William Sloan thinks it boils down to this: ‘‘Tell me about me. I want to be more alive. Give me me.’’ Source: Novakovich, J. ( 1995)Fiction Writer’s Workshop, C incinnati, Ohio: S tory Press,‘Character’, pp.48–66;‘Setting’, pp.25–42. http://socialpolitan.org/y/writersworkshop
 | 2375 Days Ago
About twenty years ago, I was accepted into a small mentoring group led by Sol Stein, a famous novelist, playwright, publisher, and writing teacher. It was a great group and I enjoyed hanging out with so many talented novelists. Sol had a recent book out, THE BEST REVENGE, and most of us in the group bought a copy. Sol, knowing that I'm a physicist, autographed mine as follows: "Physics = facts; Fiction = truth" I've often thought of that over the years. A fair number of people think that fiction is the opposite of truth -- it's just something made-up that doesn't mean anything. But Sol was right. Fiction is truth. Good fiction, anyway. It's the truth about people.
 | 1765 Days Ago
The Elements of the Short Story by Edward Everett Hale and Fredrick Thomas Dawson, (1915). The legend of Sleepy Hollow, by W. Irving.--Rip Van Winkle, by W. Irving.--Irving as a story writer.--The great stone face, by N. Hawthorne.--Ethan Brand, by N. Hawthorne.--Hawthorne as a story writer.--The fall of the house of Usher, by E. A. Poe.--The murders in the Rue Morgue, by E. A. Poe.--Poe as a story writer.--The diamond lens, by F.-J. O'Brien.--The man without a country, by E. E. Hale.--The outcasts of Poker Flat, by F. B. Harte.--Some recent stories. I. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. . .Washington Irving - II. Rip Van Winkle Washington Irving - III. Irving as a Story Writer - IV. The Great Stone Face. . .Nathaniel Hawthorne V. Ethan Brand . . .Nathaniel Hawthorne - VI. Hawthorne as a Story Writer - VII. The Fall oe the House of Usher .Edgar Allan Poe - VIII. The Murders in the Rue Morgue. Edgar Allan Poe - IX. Poe as a Story Writer - X. The Diamond Lens - Fitz-James O'Brien - XI. The Man Without A Country . . . Edward Everett Hale - XII. The Outcasts of Poker Flat. . .Francis Bret Harte. - XIII. Some Recent Stories rn
 | 1045 Days Ago
WriteSparks! is software that generates over 500,000 writing prompts for writers and creatives to help them break out of a block, get their muses going and start writing. by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ WriteSparks!™ is every writer's newest best friend! If you need some creative sparks to start or end your day, WriteSparks!™ is the perfect software for the writer in you! WriteSparks!™ is not an e-book. It is not a writing course either. WriteSparks!™ is a writer's software you can run from your computer whenever you need to... jumpstart your writing, break out of a block, get rid of boredom, write away your frustrations, write for the sheer joy of writing.
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