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aaronline.org — AAR Is The Professional Organization For Literary And Dramatic Agents The AAR was formed . . . . . . in 1991 through the merger of the Society of Authors' Representatives, founded in 1928, and the Independent Literary Agents Association, founded in 1977. The AAR has three prime objectives: To keep agents informed of changing conditions in publishing, the theater, the motion picture and television industries and related fields. To encourage cooperation among literary organizations. To assist agents in representing the interests of their author-clients. To qualify for AAR membership an agent must meet professional standards specified in the organization's By-Laws and agree to subscribe to the AAR Canon of Ethics. The Canon of Ethics . . . is established in order to ensure that agents fulfill in a straightforward manner all obligations they undertake in relation to their clients. The AAR does not intend to and cannot regulate the commissions, fees, services or other competitive business practices of its members nor interfere in the agent-client relationship. Our Mission The Association of Authors' Representatives is a not-for-profit organization of qualified literary agents and dramatic representatives of authors, dramatists and other creators and owners of intellectual property. Our Canon of Ethics governs the conduct of our members. We function through our By-Laws, which provide for governance through a Board of Directors, elected by Members, supported by appointed Committees. The Board appoints liaisons to other organizations in the publishing, entertainment and information industries to help identify issues of mutual concern and to enable our organizations to work together whenever possible. We provide our members with information, education and support. Through persuasion and advocacy we work to protect and enhance the best interests of our clients. We affirm the full individuality of our members and their freedom to act on their clients' behalf, subject to our Canon of Ethics and its definition of each individual's obligation to uphold integrity and the highest professional standards in all business dealings. Are you an author? A producer? A publisher? Find An Agent
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firstwriter.com — Getting a literary agent can be the first vital step towards getting published, but here at firstwriter.com we understand that, as a writer, you want to be spending your time writing – not spending hours trawling through reference books searching for that one agent in a hundred who sounds like they might be interested in your work; or hunting through hundreds of sites on the Internet for days on end just to scrape together a handful of out-of-date leads.   That's why we've created the literary agents database – with the ability to search using any combination of over fifteen different variables you can find exactly what you're looking for in a matter of seconds – leaving you time to concentrate on producing your next masterpiece.   Our InstantAlert service also allows you to receive daily updates by email about new and changing listings – meaning that you can be the first to react when things change, and first to capitalize on those precious opportunities when new agencies are launched, while they are still hungry for new talent.   As well as the ability to search the database for more specific queries you can also browse alphabetically like a traditional print listing by using the links below. You can browse all listings, listings for a particular country, or for a particular subject (to combine these criteria use the search tool above).All listingsUnited StatesUnited KingdomFictionCrimeEroticFantasyHistoricalHorrorHumourLiteraryMen's InterestsMysteryPoetryRomanceScience Fiction Short StoriesSuspenseThrillersWomen's InterestsNonfictionAcademicAutobiographyBeauty and FashionBiographyCookeryCrimeCurrent AffairsGardeningHealthHistoricalLeisure LifestyleMen's InterestsMilitaryNaturePsychologyReligiousScienceSportTravelWomen's InterestsScriptsFilm ScriptsTV ScriptsRadio ScriptsTheatre Scripts   firstwriter.com
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