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ellorascave.com —  Now Accepting NEW Genres In addition to our trademark erotic romance and erotica for women and men, we also nowaccept the following: Nonfiction Comedy Thriller/Horror New Adult Sci-fi/Alternate Reality   Ellora’s Cave is always looking for new talent and welcomes unsolicited manuscripts from authors, whether you have an agent or not. They want great storytelling, fresh writing, compelling characters and hot sex that will thrill their readers and capture their imagination.   They are digital publishers and all of their work is done electronically. They do not accept paper submissions.   If you have any questions about their guidelines, or about the status of a prior submission, please email Submissions@ellorascave.com. Before you submit:   Download and read the Author Information and Submission Guidelines Packet   READY TO SUBMIT YOUR MANUSCRIPT?   After you have read the Submission Guidelines (see above), please submit your manuscript to them by emailing Submissions@ellorascave.com . You must attach one file (docx, doc, or rtf format only) to your email. The file should contain your cover letter, story synopsis and manuscript. The cover email should contain only the information they list in the submissions guidelines.   Ellora’s Cave Imprints     At Ellora’s Cave, we believe women’s sexuality, in all its various forms, is legitimate, positive and beautiful. Our four imprints reflect that sex-positive attitude and cater to all tastes that involve sex and love between consenting adults.   Reading our books is like taking a vacation without ever having to leave the comfort and privacy of your home. You can choose the world you want to visit, from ancient Egypt to the Wild West, from a lavish Parisian 1920s penthouse to an undiscovered planet in a galaxy far away in the 30th century. You can have adventures beyond your wildest imaginings and explore your deepest desires.   Romantica® Romantica is the name of our own special trademark blend of erotic romance. It is our first and still our most popular imprint. Romantica follows most of the conventions of the romance genre, focusing on the development of a central love story culminating in with an emotionally satisfying, happy ending. The difference lies in the erotic component of Romantica stories. Romantica books contain frequent sex scenes, described explicitly using frank language rather than flowery euphemisms. Because of our astounding success, many people erroneously use the term Romantica to describe any erotic romance, but it is accurately used to describe only erotic romance published by Ellora’s Cave.   To help you find exactly what you want to read, Romantica books are divided into lines and also carry information on additional themes contained in each book. As our audience grows and changes, we will likely add new lines, but here are the ones we currently offer in our Romantica imprint:   Romantica Lines Aeon (sci fi/futuristic) Branded (erotic romance featuring married couples) Breathless (romantic suspense) Fusion (multicultural/interracial) Gen-Edge (20-something contemporary heroine) Kink (fetish, HEA ending optional) Lawless (Western, historical and contemporary) Legend (historical) Moderne (contemporary) Shivers (horror, HEA ending optional) Sophisticate (older woman/younger man) Spectrum (gay/lesbian) Taboo (BDSM) Twilight (paranormal, including vampires, ghosts, shapeshifters) Voyager (time travel) Xanadu (fantasy)   Exotika® Our Exotika books focus on a woman’s sexual journey or adventures. Although they might or might not include a romance and do not typically end in a committed relationship, Exotika books do not generally adhere to the traditional romance book formula.   Exotika books are not divided into lines, but they do carry theme designations to help you find books suited to your every mood and taste. All of our themes are listed at the end of the descriptions of our imprints.   Blush® Sometimes you want a little more romance, a little less sex. For those times, we recommend our Blush line of more traditional romance. There might still be some sex scenes in our Blush books, but they are less numerous and less graphically described. Our Blush books are categorized into the following lines and also carry theme designation listed at the end of the descriptions of our imprints: Blush Lines Contemporary Historical Cotillion (traditional Regency) Romantic Suspense Paranormal & Fantasy Futuristic & Sci fi   EC for Men Although men do read our other imprints, especially with their wives or girlfriends, we decided to create an imprint especially for them. In EC for Men stories, men’s needs, desires and fantasies take center stage. We asked men what they wanted in erotic books, and they told us they still want hot sex and great storytelling, but without the emotional attachment and commitment of traditional romance novels. They also wanted less emphasis on the heroine’s needs and more focus on the hero’s. They told us that they wanted stories in which the women express their affection in more physical and sexual ways, rather than in verbal and emotional ways.   In these books, women are more likely to pursue men, to initiate sexual encounters, and to love, respect and support their men unconditionally. EC for Men books are also typically novella length or shorter. EC for Men books are not divided into lines, but, like our other imprints, they carry designations for various themes. This imprint launched in January 2012.   Themes for All of our Imprints (several might apply to a single book) Historical (including Medieval, Regency, 19th century and 20th century) Holiday (including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and others) BDSM elements Comedy Female/female Interracial elements Menage Male/male Paranormal elements Rubenesque (plus-size heroine) Shapeshifter Steampunk Urban Fantasy Vampire     Book Lengths Naughty Nooners (3,000-7,000 words) Scintillating Samples (3,000-7,000 words in Blush books only) Short Quickies (7,000-10,000 words) Short Kisses (7,000-10,000 words in Blush books only) Quickies (up to 15,000 words) Kisses (up to 15,000 words in Blush books only) Novella (17,500-30,000 words) Short Novel (30,000-45,000 words) Novel (45,000-70,000) Plus Novel (70,000-100,000 words) Super Plus Novel (More than 100,000 words)
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