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TitleBuild Your Business Writing Romance Novels

Build Your Business Writing Romance Novels

Snuggle up to a billion dollar a year industry writing and publishing romance novels.


What Will I Learn?


  • Write romance novels and launch your career as a romance author
  • Create believable characters with strong goals, motivations, and conflicts
  • Discover how to bring sexual tension to your stories
  • Apply proven structural techniques that will satisfy romance readers
  • Write sizzling love scenes that pack an emotional punch
  • Identify revision strategies to clean up the discovery draft
  • Recognize the different types of editing and select the best editor for your book
  • Determine whether independent or traditional publishing is right for you
  • Discover how to increase sales with a fantastic cover, title, and description
  • Learn methods of growing readership through a website, social media, and promotion
  • Explore practical tips for finding time to write
  • Write your career business plan with a solid foundation of knowing your writing strengths and opportunities as well as your goals and how you want to achieve them


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Romance Author, Speaker, and Presenter


Pam Roller is an award-winning romance author, instructor, and presenter and has been writing for over twenty years. A former publishing and freelance editor, she currently writes contemporary and historical romance and is experimenting in other romance subgenres. As a regular contest judge, she has read hundreds of manuscripts and advised new and experienced authors.

Pam Roller
_Pam Roller
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