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TitleWriteSparks! Writers Software for Writers-and Authors

Write from a Spark!


WriteSparks!™ is every writer's newest best friend! If you need some creative sparks to start or end your day, WriteSparks!™ is the perfect software for the writer in you!

WriteSparks!™ is not an e-book. It is not a writing course either. WriteSparks!™ is a writer's software you can run from your computer whenever you need to...


jumpstart your writing
break out of a block
get rid of boredom
write away your frustrations
write for the sheer joy of writing
WriteSparks!™ can generate over 10 million story sparks to keep you writing for years... and all at a click of a button. Getting ideas for your stories has never been this easy!


100+ quick plots for you to twist
100+ poetic lines to flex your poetic muscles
150+ quick prompts that are perfect for warm-up writing
250+ tabloid headlines to get you to write your own tabloid stories
250+ first lines to jumpstart the stories inside you
800+ cliches to base your stories on
8,000+ random metaphors and powerful images for your stories
12,000 quick characters sparks -- put two people together and write their story
70,000+ random proverbs...with a twist! These are not your ordinary proverbs
300,000+ what if? story combinations
400,000+ random word combinations for flash fiction
500,000+ random paragraphs to spark off your imagination
1,000,000+ random personifications to begin your poem or story
3,000,000+ poetry-to-go verses combinations for you to build or base your poems and stories
5,000,000+ character profiles to flesh out and use in your stories
There are 3 versions of WriteSparks!™: try the FREE Lite version.
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_Writing Prompt!
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