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947 days ago 0 comments From: admin Categories: Technology Marketing Networking Social Media  Tags: teleseminars webinars webcasts online events — Teleseminars are 60 times more effective than websites. If you're a good marketer, you might get people to spend 60 seconds with you on your website. But they'll spend 60 MINUTES or more with you on a teleseminar or webinar. Plus, a live teleseminar is more human, intimate, and interactive than a website, which gives you the chance to build trust. And all else being equal, people buy from people they trust.   Instant Teleseminar is the world's premier webcast and teleseminar marketing system that helps you build closer relationships with customers and prospects.  Sign up for a no-risk trial today! —  Our Mission Helping people live safely Professional security for your house,apartment or business Our mission is to help people live safely without introducing any complexity, hassle or annoyance into their lives. For over a century, the alarm security industry has been selling out-dated technology at highway-robbery prices. A common practice has been to scare customers into signing long-term contracts that are chock-a-block with fine print and provisos. We designed a system that is ridiculously easy to self-install, easy to purchase direct from us online, and doesn't require a contract or a telephone line. It's also wireless, cellular, and customizable...which means it works anywhere and will fit any house, apartment or business. How did we do it? Here is our super secret formula: wireless technology + user friendly product design + no contracts = happy customers who pay less and get more   SimpliSafe Official Site: get the wireless home security system that let's you take control of your safety - in your home, apartment, or business.Wireless Business Security Systems |Wireless Home Security Systems | Burglar Alarm | Wireless Home Alarm | Wireless Business Alarm
948 days ago 0 comments From: admin Categories: Marketing Social Media  Tags: hootsuite social media dashboard teams using twitter facebook linkedin — HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard. With HootSuite, you can monitor keywords, manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and WordPress profiles, schedule messages, and measure your success. — [Order] [Forum] [Immortality Devices] [Gorgeouspil] [Chi Flush] [Home] [Contact Us] In business since 1996 More advanced than Star Trek technology! When it comes to medical technology, my technology is 2nd to none. 2nd to none! I am risking danger from FDA trying to bring my technology to light. Eternal Life Device Physical Immortality   Alex Chiu ALEX CHIU'S IMMORTALITY DEVICE .. ENTER HERE What do you think rapture is?  Answer: Ones who believe shall not perish and will have everlasting life.  Immortality Device is believed to allow humans to stay physically young forever. US PATENT # 5,989,178. The most imporatnt invention in human history. SEE OUR TESTIMONIALS HERE! Alex Chiu knows what causes you to age and hereby discovered a great solution to stop you from aging.  See how to make the Immortality Device yourself. Alex Chiu's another important invention GORGEOUSPIL TM pending The Gorgeous pill will make you prettier and more beautiful every morning.  You will gradually look PERFECT, even more gorgeous than super models.  You will one day reach PHYSICAL PERFECTION!!  It is strong enough to change the shape of your facial bones. No more plastic surgery!  No more implants. Super Chi Flush > It doesn't matter what handicap you have. This stuff burns through everything!   Here is a chart that I made based on my personal experience. Wear Immortality Devices for 1 day equals to 30 days of healing without the devices.  It heals your body faster than you can age.  That's why you stop aging, and in most cases, reverse aging.. Use Immortality Devices and Gorgeouspil for 1 day equals to 3 months of healing with only the devices.  (no joke)  That's why the shape of your bones can change within a few days. Use the devices, Gorgeouspil, and also Chi Flush for 1 day equals to 5 days of healing with the devices and Gorgeouspil.  And you get to remove all Chi blockades which the Gorgeouspil cannot do. Immortality Devices Bulletin Board Search through a database of hundreds of frequently asked questions or post a question. [Order] [Forum] [Immortality Devices] [Gorgeouspil] [Chi Flush] [Home] [Contact Us] Email Us Gorgeouspil is the only savior of Earth   The biggest enemy of mother nature is human.   We humans reached the top of the food chain and kept multiplying until no end. More humans means more pollution; More trees cut down for wood, more forest burned for living space, and more slaughtering of innocent animals. Stopping humans from multiphying is the only feasible way of saving mother nature.   And Gorgeouspil can stop humans from multiplying!    So spreading the usage of Gorgeouspil can save the environment.  Here's why: Without Gorgeouspil, people's bodies would age.  Blockages of Chi energy would torment a person's soul.   The soul can no longer tolerate flowing inside a deteriorating body.  New bodies need to be reproduced. The deteriorating body is forced to produce offspring so that his soul can share a line of new and fresh bodies.  This is what I call 'abandon ship' theory. But with Gorgeouspil, the body will constantly be repaired.   Blockages of Chi energy will slowly be opened up.  If there is no more blockages of Chi energy, the soul will no longer be tormented.  Therefore the body no longer needs to reproduce itself.  No more 'abandon ship'. So people who take Gorgeouspil don't want kids.  A person who takes Gorgeouspil likes to concentrate his soul within his own body and does not wish to scatter his soul on to other bodies.  So making babies is not desirable for people who take Gorgeouspil.  Gorgeouspil allows a person to achieve unlimited beauty and unlimited youth.  Meanwhile, it stops humans from unnecessary reproductions of more human beings. Help bring this new technology to light.  For the sake of mother nature, for the sake of millions of innocent animals, for the sake of your own future.  Don't blindly let the unnecessary reproductions of more human beings ruin our home.  Spread the word about Gorgeouspil. As an immortal you have a duty to protect our planet.  Let the spreading of words be your first mission.     [Order] [Forum] [Immortality Devices] [Gorgeouspil] [Chi Flush] [Home] [Contact Us]
1085 days ago 0 comments From: admin Categories: Business Opportunity Resale Rights  Tags: resale rights work from home guides — Resale Rights With Six Streams Of Income (first 50 get DEEP discount)Do you ever pull out your yearbook and stroll down memory lane?  You know the drill - you take a look at pictures of what you used to look like.  You remember certain things you did that still bring a smile to your face.  Maybe you recall a few things that cause you to cringe.  I heard from one of my marketing mentors today and he talked about dusting off his 2001 internet marketing yearbook to take a look.  Yes, that's completely figurative - there wasn't an actual publication.  But, figuratively speaking he dusted it off and strolled down memory lane.He saw my very first "resale rights" product - Ezine Ad Profits.  Sold it for $9.97.  It was one of the first such IM products available…came with master resale rights.  He sold a gazillion copies and recalled fond memories of those early days.Fast forward to today and he was thinking about what life has been like during those ten years since.  He had a  "reunion" of sorts.  And as he was thinking about it, he jotted down some notes about resale rights that he originally observed over a decade ago.They are as fresh and relevant today as ever...1. MASS appeal.The best resale rights products have a MASS appeal.  That is, they are wanted by a very large audience so you can really see a lot of sales with a minimal amount of effort in finding customers.2. MULTIPLE streams.Even back in 2001 he recognized that it's important to get multiple orders from one set of resale rights content.  The age old marketing mantra is this:  "It's easier to get an existing customer to buy more from you than it is to find new customers".  3. MADE to go.It's gotta be easy to setup and start getting sales.  Everything should be furnished:  ready-made content, sales page, marketing materials, etc.  It should be ready to get sales on the same day it is ordered.Obviously these are in addition to "quality".  Rock solid content is absolutely required or all bets are off.Over the years Jimmy D. Brown has tried to make sure his resale rights products live up to these criteria.  That's why they are some of the most popular items in all of Internet Marketing.  Whenever there is a limit, they sell out fast.  And people make favorable comments over and over and over - both privately to him and publicly online.That said, he has now released one of his best resale rights offers ever.He has made resale rights available to ALL SIX of his 31-Day Work From Home Guides!You can sell them individually for $30 each (that's what he sell them for) or bundle them together in a package for $97-$147 a set.  He's got sales letters ready to go for both options that you can begin using immediately.  Plus there's a huge marketing package full of presell content and ads.You can read all about everything at:  There is a DEEP discount for the first 50 who order, so go take a look now before the special pricing sells out.  Once the first 50 are sold, the price WILL increase as it has on every other offer he's made in the past.  This is a unique opportunity to get six different "in-demand" guides that you can sell and keep 100% of every order.  These are "ready to go" and are extremely popular as the "work from home" marketplace continues to grow in leaps and bounds.Take a look and get your license now at:
1088 days ago 0 comments From: admin Categories: Article Marketing  Tags: membernaire monthly recurring income article fixed term memberships autoresponder —    Start a membership in 48 hours … with just 1 article!One of my mentors describes the "perfect" mix of information products like this…E - ENTRY level productsS - SUBSCRIPTION level productsP - PREMIUM level productsHe says this is infoproduct ESP … and lets you see profit in your future!  Catchy, huh?Most people talk about "entry level" products.  These are $7 reports, $27 courses, etc.  Low-cost stuff that's intended to build trust with the customer and get them to spend more money with you.  They are usually "graduated" to "premium level" products such as coaching programs, high-dollar physical products, workshops and other big-ticket items.While these are both needed and good, it's that middle one -- "subscription level" products -- which is the really integral center of your business.Subscription level products are the ones that you get paid for over and over again.  They are membership sites and other methods of residual income.  You find a customer ONCE and they pay you month after month.This is the key for a variety of reasons, but primarily it's key for this one:-> You can count on the payments.  There is some security in knowing that you'll get paid every month from the recurring billing.Having your own membership site is a MUST if you're serious about doing business online.  There's only one problem … it's not as easy as it sounds.These membership sites are not easy because...* They require a lot of time investment to start.* There are pricey and complicated scripts to purchase.* It is hard to keep members active and subscribed.* You need a lot of ideas to keep it going.I could go on and on.But, the residual income is just too good to ignore. That's why I was so excited when Jimmy D. Brown announced a "new" type of membership site called "fixed term memberships" (FTM).  These are sometimes known as "autoresponder" membership sites.  You can read all about them at: you need is one article to get your membership site up and running!Jimmy teaches you how to literally have one up and running in 48 hours or less.There are only 1,000 memberships available and then it will close down.  If you know Jimmy's reputation,  he doesn't play marketing games.  He's shut down every time he promised he would.  In fact, he retired over 100 of his products just like he said he would!Visit the site today to read all about it.  Even without joining you can learn enough to see if it's for you.  At the site Jimmy explains the concept, how it works and what you need to get started today.Visit right now for all the details. —    THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME - FREE!! Have you ever dreamed about owning a piece of a big company? Too expensive? Not now!! How about ownership without paying a penny...ever? Too good to be true? No! Amazing and unique? Yes! Totally legal and fully disclosed? Yes! Join us and own a piece of the next big Internet company - completely free forever! You will even get a $10.00 sign up bonus, free downloads, and a contract assuring you of ownership . Totally free - now and forever!   THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME - FREE!!
1108 days ago 0 comments From: admin Categories: Networking Business Networking  Tags: networking business networking mynetworkingpro — is an innovative system for meeting people. The inventive combination of person-to-person marketing along with our original concept of a social and business network produces a new kind of service. Driven by a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the company markets a broad range of highly developed matchmaking technologies. is the first in the online business and social networking industry to deploy a multi-matchmaking system that helps people locate everything from business contacts to finding friendship and dates online. It is the first business and social networking service with a contact management system that operates on a "dynamic basis", where members are able to select from dedicated networking communities.
1109 days ago 0 comments From: admin Categories: How to Stock Market  Tags: how to hack stock market how to hack the stock market —  Look, I don't want to be rude - But I'm looking for a small group of intelligent investors to be taught my stock market loophole. So complete the 5 question quiz. If you have what it takes - I'll see you on the other side. How to Hack the Stock Market —  James Connelly A.K.A the "Penny Stock Prophet" Reveals the Secret to turning $1000 into $1 Million… …Investing In Penny Stocks! James Connelly was a 19 Year Old College Student When He Stumbled Across The Secret To Making An Absolute Fortune in the Stock Market. Connelly Eventually Earned the Nickname, "The Penny Stock Prophet" After His Uncanny Ability to Pick the "Breakout" Penny Stocks Just Days Before They Experienced Record Gains! Starting With An Initial Investment of Just $1000, James Is Going To Show You How It's Possible To Reach Millionaire Status in Just 38 Trades, Using His Secret Stock Picking Strategy!
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