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1025 days ago 0 comments From: ExquisiteAngel Categories: Shopping Holistic  Tags: advanced tachyon technologies exquisite angel dynasty castro tachyon —  Tachyons, the Form of the Formless Zero Point Field Tachyon: Featuring Change Tachyonized™ Products ARE the Ultimate Upgrade. The gap between science and spirituality is closing very fast. One reason is the products developed from the Tachyonization™ process invented by  Prof. David Wagner. Because of the process, Tachyonized products are recognized as a non-frequency based energy source that has remarkable effects in restoring energetic balance and radiant health. ATTI has merged science and spirituality. And what once sounded too good to be true, is now changing lives globally through 20 years of research, clinical studies, patents pending and a U.S. patent. The use of Tachyonized tools have moved from the fringe of science to a highly successful adjunct in the integrative approach to restoring radiant health. Tachyonized materials, for many sound too good to be true. However, for those who have experienced the tools (over 3 million of them since inception), the effects have been globally documented since 1990. In these changing times, it it is our responsibility to upgrade our environment, energetic systems, our health, and well-being to their highest potential.
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