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The VRIL Generator Is The Same As The Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Vajra Dorje

VRIL Generator / Vajra, Dorje Tools

The VRIL Generator Is The Same As The Meditation Dorje - Vril is the life Force that fills the universe. Science has been aware for some time now that matter and energy make up only about 5 percent of the universe. The other 95 percentage of the universe is filled with some form of energy that science refers to by many different names, including Dark Matter or Dark Energy. This mysterious substance is an infinite power source that we call Vril. It is known by many other names including chi, eurlic energy, karma, fahot, feng shui, Rhea Kybele, ur, the Black Sun and many other names. The truth is that this force is a universal force that can be harnessed on a personal level through meditation, visualization and chanting, as well as harnessing it mechanically in what is known as free energy. It is this force that we share with the Gods, and the Gods use to hold the universe together in their struggle with the chaotic forces represented by the Giants. (vrilology.org)

VRIL Generator - Enter the LIGHT GRID! The VRIL Generator brings light energy into the body through the Earth's natural light power source! (onelight.com).

The VRIL Generator is the same Tibetan Vajra Dorje tool for Meditation and Spiritual/Relaxation.

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